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Race to Judgment

Frederic Block

ISBN: 978-1-59079-438-8
368 pages, Hardcover


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Race to Judgment is a work of “reality fiction” that takes a hard look at the seething racial tensions and political corruption in New York City. The story tracks the meteoric rise of Ken Williams, an African-American attorney and civil rights advocate, as he seeks to unseat the corrupt Brooklyn DA responsible for a spate of phony convictions against black defendants. Unfortunately for Mr. Williams, he will soon find out that his passion for challenging the powers that be can be extremely dangerous business. This character is loosely based on the real life former Brooklyn DA, Ken Thompson, who tragically passed away in 2016 at the age of fifty. In his spare time, Ken Williams is also a musician who plays jazz piano and composes country songs that he performs in local bars. The actual songs were composed by the author, and the sheet music is included in the book; recordings will also be available for download. Populated by the types of larger-than-life characters that have long made New York City a place that captures people’s imaginations around the globe, Race to Judgment is an eyes-wide open thrill ride through the city that never sleeps.


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