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My Scandalous Little Rule Book: A Scandalous Guide to Sensational Success!

Jacquie Somerville

ISBN: 978-1-59079-300-8
160 pages, paperback


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Buckle up folks, this is one wild ride. Brimming with true-life shockers and candid confessions, My Scandalous Little Rule Book is a self-help book like no other. Part naughty memoir, part advice column, author Jacquie Somerville irreverently spells out her rules for embracing risk, challenging the perceived “norm,” and living a more exciting life. Using her “insane” stories (real-life escapades) to illustrate her “sane” solutions, Jacquie shows you how to reject mediocrity and achieve a life without regrets.
Enlightened by Jacquie’s vulnerability and honesty, My Scandalous Little Rule Book flies in the face of tradition. The premise of the book is to encourage people to “stop being so cautious—take a risk, achieve some major shit, and have some fun!” Jacquie argues that people typically play this game of life way too cautiously, and, in doing so, end up slipping safely into the grave, having never lived.
My Scandalous Little Rule Book also opposes the notion of looking outward for fulfillment and argues that we need to start looking inward. We don’t need to find our soul mate; we need to be our own soul mate—a critical key message for this book.

Read My Scandalous Little Rule Book and start living without boundaries!


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