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Beyond Beauty: A Guide to Self-Love, Self-Confidence, and Full Feminine Power

Alexandra Villarroel Abrego

ISBN: 978-1-59079-384-8
192 pages, Trade Paperback


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Beyond Beauty: A Guide to Self-Love, Self-Confidence, Full Feminine Power is a self-improvement and self-empowerment book for women who want to live more confident and purposeful lives. It is a powerful step-by-step guide to self-awareness, growth and fulfilment.

More than a book, Beyond Beauty is a way of being; it is the new motto for the next generation. The first part of Beyond Beauty focuses on the body; on everything that has to do with the outer self. Part 2 puts an emphasis on the mind and the last part of the book is all about the spirit.

Throughout the book, the reader learns how to feed the body, mind and spirit, in order to become whole. Not only is Beyond Beauty the most complete guide on self-confidence and self-esteem geared towards Generation Y, but it is also a go to book for anyone who wants to live a more purposeful, miraculous and fulfilling life.


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